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Blocker Features
Block Ads, Trackers & Malware, Social Network Widgets and Cookie Pop-Ups.

When you enable our custom block features, websites will load faster and improve your privacy and anonymity. Plus, your browsing history stays with you, not Facebook, Twitter or Google.

Ad Crusher

By enabling this feature, all ads will be removed from websites.

Tracker Eradicator

When enabled, Tracker Eradicator blocks trackers that could compromise your privacy.

Malware Evader

This feature blocks access to known malware, phishing and other malicious domains.

Social Distancing

Toggle this on to block Facebook "Like" buttons, Twitter "Tweet" buttons, Google+ and LinkedIn widgets, all of which collect your browsing history.

Cookie Go Away

Blocks annoying "We use cookies" banners on all websites.

Advanced Mode

If you prefer, you can turn on Advanced Mode and manage blocklists through the native uBlock interface.

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By the way

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